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GHG Management System for Sustainable Organizations

Sattva Meta's PDCA Approach for Continual GHG Management Improvement

Sattva Meta's GHG Management System helps organizations monitor and report GHG emissions, quantify emissions and removals, and improve GHG management through constant refinement. Our PDCA approach ensures continual improvement towards NetZero goals.

1. Sattva Meta empowers organizations to monitor and report GHG emissions while managing their carbon footprint. Our GHG Management System is customized based on independently verifiable processes and methods, providing the insight, information, and confidence necessary to achieve NetZero goals.

2. Our GHG Management System sets out the principles and requirements for designing, developing, managing, and reporting GHG inventories. This includes determining emission and removal boundaries, quantifying emissions and removals, and identifying company actions for improving GHG management.

3. Our GHG Management System uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach to ensure continual improvement. This iterative process can be applied to each management system element, including establishing objectives and processes, implementing them, monitoring and measuring activities, and taking actions to improve performance.

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Contact us to discuss how the individual processes within each of the planning, inventory development and management phases are planned for, executed and recorded in the SattvaMeta Platform.

How do we do it?


The crucial step for carrying out accurate calculations, is identifying all emission sources across operations. Our platform allows for contributing items Co2e to be captured and the corresponding emissions measured, managed, analysed and fed into a Carbon Reduction plan. 


Sattva Meta offers unique and practical solutions for easily collecting data from all emission sources.


SM’S ELEMENTAL software allows for accurate emission calculations, avoiding human errors that can occur with traditional methods.


Reports are created in compliant with local and international standards.