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About us

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SattvaMeta is committed to making a difference for the next generation through raising awareness of best practices in carbon reduction. We believe that providing access to an efficient and cost effective platform to measure, plan, analyse and reduce carbon emission including sustainable practices would greatly assist organizations in meeting their sustainable and Net Zero goals.

Our toolkit provides a Carbon Reduction Plan to facilitate audits, reporting and accountability including compliance. Educating and raising the awareness of the potential impact of carbon emission to businesses is of paramount importance to us and how we plan ways to reduce it.

We support businesses of any size throughout the processes in quantifying the impact and implementing strategies, policies without any disruption to the normal business activity.


    SattvaMeta is pleased to have a varied team with various industrial backgrounds, including Architecture, Engineering, Construction Operations and Management (AECOM), IT and sustainability organisations, as well as few PhD holders with a total experience of more than 125 years. These individuals add huge value to our customers’ businesses through subject matter expertise and real world experience.

Kevin Jackson
Kevin Chinniah
Founder and Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

Our Advisors

Dr. Soodamani Ramalingam
Mukul Mistry
Sagar Patel
Adam Shaw


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