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Expert Advice

Climate change adversely impact the planet and its inhabitants at frightening rates are attributed to carbon. Our objective is to advance the understanding of the extent of the carbon footprint associated with various human activities, the patterns and processes governing it, and the nature of interactions between carbon footprint and other environmental factors that influence ecosystem services.

It becomes important to keep track on that with the help of carbon calculator to live life more consciously. It is not of all very difficult to reduce carbon footprint. A little bit of effort from us can make world a better place to live in.

Accelerating your way to Net Zero and reducing the effect on climate change is good for businesses. Customers, regulators. investors and employees are demanding from companies to execute on action plan to fight climate change. We SattvaMeta assist in this journey by providing on expert advice which in return will enhance your business.

SM provides access to a range of ESG Consulting partners that can assist in both initial consultations, larger planning initiatives, quick ESG footprint reporting and other ways to get you started regardless of the size, scale and budgets involved.