Step up your sustainability strategy

The world is in a climate emergency – and companies are coming under political, commercial and social pressure to lower your carbon footprint.

Sattva Meta helps businesses put clear, measurable plans in place for reducing your corporate emissions and becoming a carbon neutral or Net Zero business.

Join our cutting-edge digital carbon exchange to:

  • Calculate your current climate footprint
  • Develop a carbon reduction plan that fits your goals and budget
  • Choose carbon offsetting projects to invest in – and track the impact of your support

Our Decarbonisation Services

Tackling climate change, transparently

Sattva Meta is Sankrit for a benevolent mode of existence. Meta is also a greek prefix meaning to cause change.

Together, these words embody our goal of increasing transparency and trust in corporate carbon reduction.

We’ve developed an online carbon exchange that uses blockchain technology to offer clear, accountable carbon offsetting services.

How do we help?

Every investment your business makes is tracked from end-to-end, so you can:

Meet the latest global, national and industry legal requirements

Validate funding for your corporate ESG programmes

Back carbon offsetting projects that add value to local communicates

Show colleagues and customers you’re taking real action on climate change

Direct advice from sustainability experts

It’s not just technology that makes Sattva Meta stands out.

Behind our exchange sits a global network of ESG experts, who will help you comply with the latest decarbonisation standards and plan your route to Net Zero.

From carbon accounting to carbon reduction planning, we’ll provide the tactical tools your business needs to reach your sustainability goals. We can even connect your business with carbon negative suppliers.

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