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Supplier Ratings and Assessments

A reliable and simple sustainability scoring is crucial for companies as their business value is linked to their supply chain. Procurement executives must consider environmental, social, and ethical risks to ensure a reliable and competitive supply network. For this reason, a global sustainability scoring that is trustworthy and user-friendly is essential for sustainable procurement.

Advantages of sustainable procurement:

Minimize supply chain risk

Increased resilience

Competitive edge

Improved reputation and credibility

Lower costs through collaboration

Increased valuation through ESG integration

Competitive advantage with green supply chain

Challenges of implementing sustainable procurement:

Lack of resources and awareness

Proliferation of sustainability standards and labels

Internal change management

Supplier engagement

Supply chain complexity

Our Solution:

SM solution offers user-friendly and dynamic ratings via a SAAS-based platform. Procurement teams can monitor sustainability performance and collaborate for improvement actions in the supply chain.