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Carbon Accounting

Scope 1,2,3

We measure scope 1,2,3 in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol using a simple, effective SaaS platform to track, measure, calculate and compile easy to use compliance reports in line with current regulation. This proves progress, gives stakeholders confidence in their investments, and assists in aligning activities with the NetZero roadmap for your organisation. The term first appeared in the Green House Gas Protocol of 2001 and Scopes are now the basis for mandatory GHG reporting in the UK.

Scope 1 - Activities that are carried out by your organisation that directly emit emissions into the atmosphere.  Emissions from combustion in owned or controlled boilers, furnaces, and cars are examples of scope 1 emissions, as are emissions from chemical manufacturing in owned or controlled process equipment.

Scope 2 - These are the indirect emissions a company is responsible for- e.g., when the electricity or energy it buys for heating and cooling buildings, is being produced on its behalf.

Scope 3 - In this category are all emissions associated, not with the company itself, but those the organisation is indirectly responsible for, up and down its value chain.

Supply chain, value chain, and from its products when customers use them. Emissions-wise, Scope 3 is usually the hardest to track and often where the largest impact can be made in emissions reduction