Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP): A Guide for NHS Suppliers

Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP): A Guide for NHS Suppliers

Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP): A Guide for NHS Suppliers

In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of a CRP (Carbon Reduction Plan) and how suppliers can create one to align with NHS sustainability goals. A CRP is a comprehensive document that details a supplier's greenhouse gas emissions, along with their targets and strategies for emission reduction. Let's break it down.

Understanding CRPs

A CRP provides a roadmap for suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint across various areas like buildings, transport, and the supply chain. It's a way for suppliers to showcase their commitment to sustainability by demonstrating measurable progress in emission reduction.

Support from NHS

To assist suppliers, the NHS offers resources such as training webinars, online materials, and a Net Zero Supplier Roadmap. However, developing and implementing a CRP requires significant time and resources due to its complexity.

Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment

Suppliers keen on highlighting their sustainability efforts can participate in the Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment. This evaluation allows suppliers to measure their practices against NHS environmental objectives. It's important to note that while voluntary, this assessment doesn't replace the need for a comprehensive CRP.

Business Implications

With NHS contracts valued at over £6 billion annually, adherence to carbon reporting requirements is crucial for maintaining business relationships. Suppliers who address these requirements gain a competitive edge in procurement processes. However, compliance doesn't end with creating a CRP; ongoing progress in emission reduction is essential.

Taking Action

As the April 2024 deadline approaches, NHS suppliers must act swiftly. Carbon measurement practices and reduction plans will soon become mandatory for bidding on NHS contracts. Subcontractors in NHS supply chains should also prepare for new reporting requirements.

Your Solution

Sattva Meta offers tools to help NHS suppliers collect and analyse carbon data efficiently. With detailed analytics and presentation-ready reports, suppliers can meet NHS sustainability demands effectively. By embracing carbon reporting mandates, suppliers can enhance trust and transparency within the health service while future-proofing their business.


CRPs are pivotal for NHS supplier relationships, reflecting the growing importance of sustainability in procurement. By understanding and implementing CRPs effectively, suppliers can navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability and procurement with confidence.


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