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Reduction Plan

Are you bidding for UK government contracts over £5 million or more?

Are you aware of the requirement to be compliant with PPN 06/21?

Needing a carbon reduction plan

What is PPN 06/21?

PPN 06/21 requires companies bidding on U.K. public contracts over £5m to align with the U.K.'s net-zero goal by 2050. Non-compliance results in exclusion from the tender process.

Step1: Measurment and reporting standards

To create a net-zero strategy, companies must measure their current carbon emissions and adhere to reporting standards. They must also provide a detailed report on specific subsets of emissions to demonstrate their commitment to net-zero.

Reporting standards:

Emissions must be measured and reported according to government standards and protocols. Government-published conversion factors must be used for non-CO2 greenhouse gases. A subset of Scope 3 emissions outlined in PPN 06/21 must also be reported.

Please visit our GHG inventory for better understanding.

Step 2: Reduce

The second step in creating a net-zero strategy involves setting a target to reach net-zero by 2050 and tracking progress towards that target. Targets can be absolute or based on an intensity metric such as FTE or revenue.

Step 3: Report

The final step in creating a net-zero strategy is to detail past, current or intended carbon reduction projects and how they achieve reductions against a base year.