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Carbon Offset

A carbon offset is a reduction or removal of emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases which is a result of industrial or other human activity made in order to compensate for emissions. It can be done through land restoration or planting of trees. By opening up the carbon offsetting process using transparent blockchain technology, companies can choose the projects they want to support and track transactions and their associated value directly to the recipient. Every project's data is stored on the blockchain to ensure they are abiding by a verified carbon standard.

For emissions that have not been eliminated, we link companies willing to offset their carbon to a large number of Verified Environmental Projects. We help in a way to neutralise the emissions impact of activities that produce greenhouse gases by either removing CO2 from the atmosphere directly or preventing future emissions from occurring.

SM provides a gateway to consultancies, and companies involved in carbon reduction projects generating carbon credits that can be traded in a secure verifiable manner to ensure that your companies ESG targets are met, your net zero plan stays on track and your organisations ability to ensure financial viability to fund these changes has a way forward.